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This About Ngahue IV page started off as a single web page. But over the years so much has been added to it that it became too unwieldy to handle and as well as pretty uninviting to be read. So we have split this topic into two sub-pages - the links below are to:

> Inside Ngahue IV, which covers topics such as Electronics -> Communication -> Electricity -> Water & Watermaker-> The Galley -> Ventilators/fans -> and Refrigeration.

> Ngahue IV from the Outside, which covers topics such as Propulsion -> Rig & Sail handling -> Steering -> Ground tackle -> Teak decks -> Poles on deck -> and Davits.


The GRP hull moulding number 19 for the HR53 'Christina', the future Ngahue IV arrived at the Hallberg-Rassy Yard in Ellös from its Kungsham moulding plant around November 1994. By our calculations, the boat was finished just after Easter in 1995. She was handed over to her first owner, Mr Friedrichsen of Kiel, by the German Hallberg-Rassy importer and dealer in May 1995 (although we were once told by Paul Hameeteman, the Dutch HR dealer, that it was HE who sold the boat to Mr Friedrichsen). On average, the Yard built about 3 to 4 HR53s a year, although they were extremely popular, especially in the early days when about 5 left the Yard each year. As the flagship yacht of the Yard, it was a hugely successful model, and these were good years for the HR business. Surprisingly enough, in today's ever so digitalised world, there are few files and very little data available from the early days of the HR53.

Our aim with Ngahue IV in 2016 had been to get her as well-prepared as possible for a circumnavigation by late summer 2017. Even in its most basic state, a Hallberg-Rassy could probably already undertake an ocean crossing with only a few modifications or additions. So whatever one adds, is done to make that crossing safer, more comfortable and make the boat even better equipped for emergencies. During the 2016/17 first refit, the 2018/19 second main refit, and the 2021 post-voyage check-up, we changed practically all of the boat's electronics because they were quite old; we gave her a new set of sails that would stand up to a circumnavigation; installed a water-maker and short-wave and satellite communication; added lots of "green" energy to extend time in between engine or generator use; and we improved the boat's ground tackle as well as replaced all standing rigging and nearly all parts of the running rigging (some of this 'en route' in 2017 & 2018). Furthermore, we replaced a lot of what one could call "domestic" matters that had grown old or had been (in our eyes) "unimproved" by the second owner (you will find references to that throughout the whole site).


For more technical descriptions and explanations, we would refer readers to the really knowledgeable people like for instance Roland Olsson & Vickie Vance of HR43 Bella Luna (their site seems to be temporarily - or permanenetly - out of action as they decided to stop sailing and travel around on land. In fact, Bella Luna was since sold and is now sailed by a new owner). Or Leon Schulz of Regina Sailing, or Bassam Hammoudeh of HR53 number 47 Arielle. There has been also HR53 Pesto, with an interesting website kept by Alexander called Family gone sailing; they have since put their Volvo-Penta key under the HR cockpit mat and returned to a shore-based life in spring 2018. Not to forget the HR53 called B&G with Robert and Patty who are incredibly knowledgeable or Glen Samson from HR54/21 Cloudy Bay (literally our bigger brother)... All these sites and people are immense sources of information. As are many unnamed others, who in stealth we have admired, spied on and shamelessly copied to improve our own boat. To all go our great thanks!

So, what can we tell you about our own boat? Well, just click and read on...

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