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We're beginning to fathom the workings of Windows Moviemaker and don't find it a particularly good programme - surprise, surprise: it's Microsoft and it's free! So our initial postings in 2017/18 were more about us trying to get to grips with this (for us) new programme and with putting together something that vaguely resembles a semi-okay video, than with actually producing a future award-winning film! No danger of us picking up an Oscar (yet?!). At the start, our numbering system was also slightly up the creek and defied all logic. I cannot even pretend that it's an adaptation of the Star Wars numbering system of their episodes... Sincere apologies to Mr Lucas and absolutely no offence meant: I'm a great fan of "The Force" et al.

Our short film on Ngahue IV sailing the 2017 ARC (see below under 2017) seems to be pretty appreciated and had generated more than 1400 views within a year of being on You Tube, which we think is quite a feat for a small and "un-pushed" posting!

Bear with us; I'm sure we will improve our filming and thereby the quality of our videos in 2019...

Interspersed with our own video posts, there are also a few links to press articles mentioning our boat

Posts and Press in 2019:

This list will certainly fill throughout the course of the year

* 17th April 2019 - Our fifteenth film and third one in 2019... This is yet another short film about us working on the boat at the Yachtservice Van Swaay's winter storage facility: Ngahue IV Spring-2 2019

* 13th April 2019 - Our fourteenth film and second one in 2019... This is more to get further experience with Moviemaker and uploading films on You Tube than to produce the next Alfred Hitchcock thriller! We're still working on the boat in Yachtservice Van Swaay's winter storage area: Ngahue IV Spring-1 2019

* 3rd April 2019 - Our unlucky thirteenth film and first one in 2019... Working on the boat in Yachtservice Van Swaay's boat hall: Ngahue IV Winter 2018-19

Posts and Press in 2018:

* 24th December 2018 - Our twelfth film and truly last post for 2018 summarises a year in the life of our boat, the Ngahue IV: Ngahue IV Review 2018

* 3rd December 2018 - Our eleventh short film of Ngahue IV sailing to Bruinisse and our work there; probably our last post for this year, 2018: Ngahue IV Last video 2018 To Bruinisse

* 18th November 2018 - Another short film, our tenth, on our return to Europe: Ngahue IV Azores to the UK Summer 2018

* A feature in the Nanny Cay marina news on Tortola (BVI) on the departure of the 2018 ARC Europe features our boat rather prominently: 2018 ARC Europe Bound for Bermuda

* In the summer edition of Sail-World Europe, there's an article on the 2018 ARC Europe departure from Tortola (BVI) and a prominent picture of our boat: Ngahue IV sailing from Tortola to the Azores

* 2nd June 2018: Our ninth film on our trip from Tortola to Bermuda and on to the Azores: Ngahue IV Tortola to Azores

* 6th April 2018: Our eighth and longer film on Ngahue IV sailing from Antigua to Tortola: Ngahue IV from Antigua to Tortola

* 10th February 2018: Our seventh short film on our activities in Rotterdam and Guadeloupe: Ngahue IV Episode 5

* 5th January 2018: Our sixth short film on You Tube: The ARC departure - the festivities on our pontoons

Posts and Press in 2017:

* 24th December 2017: Our fifth short film on You Tube: Ngahue IV arriving in Saint Lucia... and more - Laura's Cut

* 24th December 2017: Our fourth short film on You Tube: HR53 Ngahue IV's 2017 ARC

* 24th December 2017: Our third short film on You Tube: Finding Ngahue IV - We go back on board for the ARC

* 9th September 2017 - Our second very short film on You Tube: Ngahue IV and her Watt & Sea hydrogenerator

* 28th August 2017 - Our first short film on You Tube: Ngahue IV Circumnavigation Episode 1

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