Photo gallery 2021

This page will formally start in January/February 2021, when Ngahue IV is scheduled to arrive in Southampton on board mv Dolfijngracht. For the time being it will be done with our swanning around the oceans of the planet! We'll be back in the North Sea.
Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for the narrative and description of what we got up to, and which accompany the photos...

Narrative accompanying the pictures above - Starting at the top left-hand corner...

At least once a week over this whole winter refit-period, we tried to spend a day working on the boat. As you can see, after removing the plastic sheets that 'Team Van Swaay' put over the boats they keep in the 'bootloods' (= their boatshed, or covered boat storage building) in Bruinisse, the general mess on deck becomes quite clear to see. Although I do spend regular hours trying to clean up the deck and cockpit so that you get a better overview of what is where. In addition, we go to the boat "armed" with a to do list for the day, so that time in the "loods" is spent as efficiently as possible. Lots of bigger and smaller things have been improved over the 2018/19 winter (see the We're off circumnavigating page number 6) for extra details. Like screwing down the strips in our entry gates again and putting more modern and cleaner deck filler caps on the boat.

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