Photo gallery 2021

This page starts in February 2021, when Ngahue IV was scheduled to arrive in Southampton on board the mv Dolfijngracht. For the time being, our adventures of swanning around the world's oceans have come to an end. So it's back to the North Sea and the Channel (Covid-19 volentum).
Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for the narrative and description of what we got up to, that accompany the photos...

Narrative accompanying the pictures above - Starting at the top left-hand corner...

The year started with Ngahue IV going through the Panama Canal backwards on Sevenstar's mv Dolfijngracht. After being offloaded in Southampton, Sam motored her to Hamble Point marina where she was taken out of the water for essential maintenance by the UK Hallberg-Rassy dealer, Transworld Yachts.

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