Photo galleries and stories galleries from Ngahue IV

These annual sub-pages with photos and short comments on what we did during each year start in Spring 2016, when our boat, formerly known as "Tabaluga", was renamed "Ngahue IV" and started a new life with us. News items begin at the Knierim Yard in Kiel, Germany and continues as we take her to Nieuwpoort, Belgium and prepare her for a circumnavigation.

Our big adventure and the actual story of our circumnavigation, which commenced on 21st July 2017, can be found on a set of separate pages on this site headed "We're off"! Here's the link to them: "We're off" pages on this site.

Photo & story pages "grow" in the course of the year...

Photos and stories from the first half of 2019

Photos and stories from 2017

Photos and stories from 2016

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